Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby - Dub Conference Vol.1 (HMLP50108)


  • Album Tracks

    1. Full Dose of Dub
    2. Madhouse of Dub
    3. Dub For The Dread
    4. Dub With A Difference
    5. Caught You Dubbing
    6. Roman Dub
    7. Dub Conference
    8. Heavy Duty Dub
    9. Strip Tease Dub
    10. Strings Dub In Rema
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Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05
Track 06
Track 07
Track 08
Track 09
Track 10

Greetings! One love to all Jah people reggae fans, collectors, and enthusiasts. This album is the first of its kind ever to be released in the history of reggae dub music. Produced by living legendary reggae producer Harry Mudie and mixed in conference at King Tubbys Studio, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I., with the late, great dub inventor, sound system and recording engineer Osbourne Ruddock a.k.a King Tubbys. King Tubbys, the creator of dub music in the late '60s, mixed reggae musical tracks that the drum and bass predominated in the mix and at irregular intervals introduced echo reverbs and delay with other sound effects he conjured up at his will. Dub Conference Volume 1, mixed in 1976, is making history for the second time with producer Harry Mudie's introduction of strings to dub music as he did in reggae music with strings and flute in a classical form. We are sure you will be thrilled with the exotic sound you will be hearing and that after listening to this album, you will be saying 'thanks' to producer Harry Mudie for his extraordinary imagination and superb production. As for the creator and inventor of dub music, the late and great King Tubbys, may he rest in Peace and keep mixing dub in Jah Kingdom. Thanks for the legacy you left behind on Earth. We will always think of you every time we play this album or hear dub music ringing in our ears. One love to Jah people.

  • Music Genre: Dub
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